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Where Can I Watch Internet TV In Canada?

As Internet use continues to increase so does the popularity of Internet TV In Canada. As a result we are seeing a better and better selection of Internet TV in Canada.

Where Can I Watch Internet TV In Canada?

Watch TV Shows Online For Free

All of the major Canadian Television Networks (CTV, Global, CBC) offer Internet TV on their websites. Their are also some American networks that allow Canadians to watch their Internet TV shows on their website as well. For example, If you go to the Spike TV website you will see that they offer many of their shows online and you can watch them from Canada. However, most of the big networks (CBC,NBC,ABC,FOX, HULU) don’t allow viewers outside of the United States to watch most their videos. For example, if you are in Canada and you go to the FOX website and try to watch House it will say this program is not available in your location.

There is some good news though. Most of the shows shown on the big American Networks are also shown by the Canadian Networks here in Canada. For example, Dancing With the Stars is an ABC show but CTV shows it in Canada. And CTV offers episodes of Dancing With The Stars online at its website. The FOX show House is shown by Global TV here in Canada and Global offers episodes of House on their website also.

How Can I Find Out If My Favorite Show Is Available Online?

If you know what network airs the show you are looking for you can go to their website and see if they have any episodes of it available. However, there is a much easier way. Simply go to Free Internet TV Canada’s website and search for your show. Free Internet TV Canada lists all of the Internet TV shows that are available from all of the Canadian and American Networks. And It only lists shows from Networks that are legally streaming their own content.

Watch TV Shows Online For Free

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Future Of Online TV

The Future of Online TV in Canada

Watch TV Shows Online For Free

Its really interesting to see the Online TV market make several jumps in the past number of years. The cable providers are starting to fell the effects of a trend among the younger generations to prefer streaming video online and not necessarily through the regular cable box. Technologies such as IPTV, streaming sites and cable providers offering their conent online has given the online market a huge boost., The efforts to reduce bandwidth from video steaming may help online TV take over the entire TV market in the coming years. Some other factors have helped as well;  the rise of sites such as netflix as a worldwide powerhouse for movie streaming and now are getting into the live TV business acquiring a few live TV programs. For Canadians their is a good selection of online content, www.FOTV.ca has become a hub for online viewing.  They give you a one stop site to watch full episodes of all your favorite shows and live sports as well.

Most people will tell you that in the recent years the major Cable providers have come up short in offering a competitive TV service that is worth the cost.  Most Canadians want a service that actually provides value and isn’t just the news and reality TV, with the growth of Reality TV which the average male doesn’t even think about watching, its seems more and more like cable could be loosing its grip on the live TV market.  There are TV shows, Movies and Free Live Sports online for free now more cable providers are showing live sports on their websites to keep active visitors to thier sites. This also reduces  the need for illegal streaming sites that copy and profit from their content.

When will they offer live programming online is the question for most Canadians,  the answers is, who knows. All we know is that it is coming.

Watch TV Shows Online For Free

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